Christopher Farstad (b. 1986, Minneapolis, MN) is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist, composer, and performer of electro-acoustic music. AND

A founding member of the group Food Pyramid.

Has released recordings as 555 through labels such as Moon Glyph and Constellation Tatsu.

Incorporates traditional instruments, non-idiomatic synthesizer experimentation and avant-garde contortions of field recordings, samples, and MIDI.

Has performed music as well as conceptual sound art installations in both academic and non-academic contexts.

Is an enthusiastic amateur scholar of Carnatic music history, curating a cassette series of idiosyncratic and distinctive members of this canon under the Bio-Vita Records imprint.

Provides CS releases to Mississippi Records in Portland, OR and they give them to 2 Bridges in NYC. These too::


2017 Ghostships of the Great Lakes

2016 Thee Omega Seed

2015 Arcosanta

2014 Swan River Yogue

2014 Nine Gates

2013 New Omni-Vibrational Desert Hymns

2013 Solar Express


26 Nov 2016 / W…ôrk (Los Angeles, CA)

18 Nov 2016 / Xhurch (Portland, OR)

20 May 2014 / Siberia (New Orleans, LA)

11 Nov 2014 / Hypnotikon (Seattle, WA)

19 May 2011 / Marginal Utility (Philadelphia, PA)

1 Apr 2011 / Franklin Art Works (Minneapolis, MN)

14 Mar 2011 /  A Place To Which We Can Come, exhibition at the Convent of Saint Cecilia (Brooklyn, NY)

18 Sept 2010 / Midway Contemporary Art (Minneapolis, MN)