Ep.05 - On the Edge of the Bog

The fifth installment of Galaxy Express 555 features excerpts from a daily sound diary kept by sound artist and musician Natalia Beylis throughout 2013. Focusing on the practice of intensive listening, her work under the Sunken Hum moniker investigates the pure sonic fact of everyday events, translating her life in the wilderness of northwestern Ireland into a common language of awareness.

From her write-up of her release, The Sunken Hum Vol. 2: A Day in Three Acts:

I live in a house set in the middle of a bog that is surrounded by woods which are edged by fields and fairy hills and lakes that fall and rise with the rains. Sometimes the clouds sit gray and heavy like a big blanket in the sky and all the cattle lay in the field, droopy eyed, beneath them. Sometimes the fox sneaks up the driveway and steals the chickens. In autumn, the cows cry back and forth when the farmer takes their calves away. In spring, the elusive cuckoo comes calling for his mate. The tractors rumble all through the warm summer twilight and with winter the fire crackles and the hot water pipes lull and drone. And all through the year the rain plays rhythms everywhere it falls.